Tavolara Islands, and Molara Molarotto

L 'isola Tavolara located entrance to the Gulf of Olbia, is a limestone mountain unmistakable profile that check from the sea. His position placed in antiquity to the middle of a dense network of trades and the center of a system of military posts placed at either end of the gulf, the intensity of traffic in the area are witnessed by the large number of artefacts that can be found in the waters around the island: more than 70 archaeological deposits that include parts of wooden hulls, anchors, cargo of amphorae and pottery, stone, large ziri (large Orcio).

For underwater diving enthusiasts the area is among the most interesting of the Mediterranean for many years was active in Porto San Paolo Center Sub Tavolara organizing guided dives and diving courses at all levels. On the sandy strip of land spreader are a marina, two restaurants and a few home.

Between rocks and vegetation on Tavolara, Molara Molarotto live and some of the most important colonies of seabirds in the Mediterranean. The presence that is more characteristic of Marangone by the tuft, a Tavolara but especially Molarotto; shearwaters children, about 7000 breeding pairs, occupy every kind of anfratto mainly in the eastern sides of Tavolara and Molara, shearwaters and more, about 30-40 individuals. Seagulls real deal all the islands, with more than 1,000 nesting pairs. A Molara gull nests on the course, a hundred pairs. Finally, the common terns, which nest and lay their eggs on the rock.