Have fun in Costa Smeralda

The Costa Smeralda provides, in addition to the beauty of the sea and beaches, and several local clubs for people who love having fun, perhaps in the company of celebrities. Golfers will find instead the Pevero Golf Club one of the best golf courses in the world.

Pevero Golf Club

In front of the Cala di Volpe, in an area between the bay of Cala di Volpe and the Gulf of Pevero, is the Pevero Golf Club, site of a golf course to 18 holes of international renown.

Born in 1967 to designs by American Robert Trent Jones, one of the greatest golf architects of the world, the Pevero Golf Club was officially opened in 1972, and at the Italian Open in 1978, will impose a level world as one of the best golf courses in the world, thanks to the quality of their facilities and the beauty of the route, harmoniously inserted into the maquis.

Al Pevero Golf Club, you can also follow courses and seminars open to all, beginners and experts, held by professionals.

Local and discos in Costa Smeralda

  • Ritual, Baia Sardinia, town Crucitta - The Ritual is a historic nightclub, the most exclusive part of the Costa Smeralda, a small jewel Architectural fully excavated in the rock: a cross between a cave and a castle.
  • Billionaire, Porto Cervo, City of Gulf Pevero - The Billionaire is the place to Flavio Briatore, owner of the team Benetton Formula 1 Racing. Popular with celebrities, especially football players and television personalities.
  • Blues Cafe, Smooth Cow, City Baja Ruja - It is the most transgressive of the Costa Smeralda. From youth, it is ideal for those who love the night and the fun away from the soft local VIPs.
  • Mamma Bear, Baja Sardinia - Located in a wonderful position with panoramic views of the harbor, the Mamma Orsa owes its reputation for luxurious interiors, the attendance of several celebrities, but especially to the kitchen and good drink.
  • The Peper, località Cala Piccolo Pevero - opulent and elegant, it's probably the most famous of the Costa Smeralda, much frequented by VIPs and celebrities.
  • El Peyote, Arzachena, town Santa Teresa Mirialveda - Among the new premises of the Costa Smeralda is one of the most popular, ideal for those who love spicy Mexican food and Latin American dancing.
  • Smaila's resort village of Poltu Quatu - E ' of the local showman Umberto Smaila, that almost every night he performs with his band in a repertoire that includes the most beautiful songs of the'60s,'70 and'80. The restaurant is frequented by many famous people who very often end up on stage to sing along to the artist.
  • Leeward Club, Porto Cervo, City of Gulf Pevero - The Sottovento is another of the local historians of the Costa Smeralda, very exclusive, it is renowned for its excellent food.
  • Country Club, Porto Rotondo, Town Village Rugiarda - The Country Club is one of the most famous and popular of Porto Rotondo. The structure includes the restaurant, pool, piano bar and nightclub, is nicely placed between the granite of a valley.
  • Turtle, Porto Rotondo - The Turtle is one of the most famous of Porto Rotondo, very crowded and frequented by celebrities.
  • Black Moon, Porto Rotondo village Ladunia - The Black Moon is one of the most fashionable of Porto Rotondo, popular with celebrities, offers a refined, music of all kinds, and excellent cocktails.