Porto Rotondo

Porto Rotondo, situated in a beautiful natural bay in a semi-circle (hence the name "round"), is regarded for its port facilities, its mondani find the various possibilities for leisure and entertainment offering and its pristine and crystal clear sea one of the most popular destinations for international tourism.

Rather than a real village is a well - designed tourist settlement, born in 1967, during the golden years of the great development of the Costa Smeralda, when a group of wealthy investors for a planned renovation of the area. The elegance of the buildings, designed in harmony with the surroundings, together with the beauty of nature, have made Porto Rotondo one of the most popular tourist destinations in Sardinia.

City life is concentrated in characteristic Piazza Quadra, the perfect geometry, designed by Mario and Andrea Cascella Ceroli and elegant made in local stone, as is the elegant Piazza San Marco, which has a sculpture in the center that indicates the North. Other gems which help to characterize and make unmistakable the urban landscape is the majestic amphitheater, built entirely of granite, and the lovely church of San Lorenzo, by the particular shape of the hull upside down, where you can admire 200 statues wooden representatives sacred images produced by Mario Cerioli.

Along the narrow streets of the country, reminiscent of those old villages, one after the exclusive stores, numerous boutiques of the most prestigious, and jewelers, craft shops, furniture stores and various objects.