The islands of the Costa Smeralda

Tourists visiting the Costa Smeralda can not visit the islands, easily reachable thanks to the ferries that depart daily from the main ports of the coast.

  • Isola dei Cappuccini - L 'isola dei Cappuccini is a small island, located less than 500 meters from the northeast coast of Sardinia, which takes its name from the convent of Capuchin Friars, today abandoned, which stands on the highest part of the island. Park is part of International Straits of Bonifacio, but unlike the other islands has some facilities, a small marina and a few bungalows which are rented to wealthy tourists who can enjoy tranquility and absolute discretion.
  • Island li Nibani - L 'isola Nibani them (in Gallurese means "seagull") is a group of islands of granite formation that is part of the International Park of the Strait of Bonifacio, situated along the northeast coast of Sardinia. These islands are renowned for the emerald sea and the beauty of the coastline, particularly jagged, which house many seagulls that give name to the island.
  • Island Mortorio - L 'isola Funeral, which stands out with its distinctive profile in front of the beach Romazzino is the main dell'omonimo island archipelago that is located along the northeast coast of Sardinia. Formation of granite, steep and rocky, the island is now completely deserted, but the proximity to Porto Cervo and the beauty of the beaches and nature have made it a popular tourist destination and very popular. Many birds nest on the island, including the seagull current and the peregrine falcon, safeguarded by the International Park of the Strait of Bonifacio, which is part of the island. The island is rich in vegetation, predominantly low maquis and brooms.
  • Soffi Island - a granite formation and appearance of mountains, Soffi is the second largest island of the 'archipelago of Mortorio. Park is part of the International Strait of Bonifacio, an institution whose role is to protect the beauty of the island and the birds that nest on it as the Audouin's gull and the hawk. During the summer period is the destination of many tourists, attracted by its beautiful coves and the beautiful landscape.
  • The island Bisce - The Bisce The island, located along the northeast coast of Sardinia, south of Caprera, is an oval and training where the granite cliffs, unlike other islands, are quite steep. He is also part of the park International Straits of Bonifacio and hosts numerous seabirds that nest on the island. Her unique and beautiful beach of Cala Biscia, is generally not very crowded