Relax and birdwatching in Sardinia

You can make a holiday in Sardinia to relax and rejuvenate, or to devote to a hobby in close contact with nature as birdwatching.

Thalassotherapy and relaxation in Sardinia

The crystal clear water, beautiful coastline, unpolluted air and a natural tourist destination of Sardinia are a must for anyone who wants to spend a holiday dedicated to wellness and relaxation relying on therapeutic thalassotherapy.

The word thalassotherapy comes from the Greek word that means thalassa sea, then "by the sea": sea water is rich in potassium, magnesium, iodine and other substances through the pores of the skin cells reach the blood, favoring stimulating and regenerating a number of functions, thus helping to prevent and treat various diseases: allergies, bone diseases, problems related to blood circulation, respiratory tract problems.

In Santa Margherita di Pula, set in 26 hectares of Mediterranean and tropical vegetation, the Forte Village Resort has created the Thermae del Parco, a Thalasso center that offers swimming, whirlpools, massage, and passages in tanks with different temperatures and different concentrations of salt for prevention and treatment of dermopatie, allergic or not, the skin is not pathological, and rehabilitation in all osteo-articular pathologies. At the Thermae del Parco is also possible to make personalized beauty treatments, massage oriental and western, follow a diet purifying or attending a gym equipped with the most modern machinery.

Birdwatching in Sardinia

Sardinia, with its areas moist, its forests, its parks and its protected areas, is considered a paradise bird, and for this reason has long been the favorite destination for bird watching enthusiasts.

  • The pond Molentargius houses about 100 species of birds including the flamingo, which lives and nests in the most saline, chicken Sultan, the German, the mestolone and Pochard, these must be added the cormorant, the marsh harrier, the cenerino heron, the egret, the heron and more guardabuoi and the rare purple heron.
  • Cabras day in the pond you can see the coot and Tuffetto, the greater crested grebe and the little crested grebe, the cenerino heron, the heron guardabuoi, the greater white heron, the Garzella, the bittern and the mignattaio. Among the ducks, mainly mestoloni, and canapiglie germani reali. In most nests the dry eye.
  • The salt pond Porcus a temporary pond whose waters evaporate during the summer season each year is the goal of over 8,000 flamingos from Africa. There are also ducks, terns, gulls, herons, waders, as well as rare species such as knights and volpoche of Italy.
  • In ponds and coastal lagoons Stintino Platamona Fiumesanto and nests in the summer AIbanella child, while along the banks of the pond Pilo meet herons, flamingos and Gruccione.
  • Casaraccio in the pond, not far from the town of Stintino, you can watch the edredon, the quattrocchi, the black stork, the glass, the smergo smaller and smaller groups of cranes, in addition to flamingos, which are present in all seasons.
  • L 'Isola St. Peter's is home of 'Carloforte LIPU oasis, a place of important nesting and stopover for many species of birds. Nell'oasi you can see different species such as kestrels, buzzards and hawks. But the more rare species and is certainly the queen of the falcon (falco eleonorae), a prey that is being played exclusively on the cliffs overlooking the sea. Every summer, about 100 pairs of hawks arrive from Madagascar to nest nell'Oasi.
  • Among the rocks of the islands of Tavolara, Molara Molarotto live and some of the most important colonies of seabirds in the Mediterranean. The presence that is more characteristic of the Marangone tuft, together with berta and seagulls real. A Molara gull nests on the course, the colony amounted to about a hundred pairs. Finally, on small islands of granite also nest the common terns, which lay their eggs on the rock.
  • Supramonte Orgosolo of a vast complex of mountains in the most wild and unspoiled the island, home to several bird species, including the kestrel, the goshawk, peregrine falcon, the hawk and golden eagle.
  • Nell 'Oasi WWF di Monte Arcosu, a nature reserve that is home to the largest forest of oaks and cork trees of the basin Mediterranean, one can observe a rich bird life that includes some rare birds of prey and endangered: the buzzard, the kestrel, the goshawk, peregrine falcon, golden eagle, the great spotted woodpecker and the raven. Symbol of the reserve is the Sardinian deer, the largest mammal of Sardinia that until a few years ago was on for both of which can be found about 450 copies.
  • Finally, the massive limestone of Monte Albo you can see the golden eagle, the dove and the partridge.