Resorts in Costa Smeralda

In addition to Porto Cervo and Porto Rotondo, Costa Smeralda exist in other important tourist places that are worth a visit.


Arzachena is located in the north-east of Sardinia, the area commonly known as the Gallura, and includes among its fractions some notes seaside resorts, such as Baja Sardinia, Porto Cervo and Cannigione. The municipal area of Arzachena includes about 80 kilometers of coastline, some sandy, some overlooking the sea, which make up the fjord the Gulf of Arzachena. Arzachena rests on a hill and is overlooked, to the east, by an enormous mushroom shaped granite rock called in dialect Gallura Lu Monti Incappiddatu; the main monuments of the town of Gallura are the church of Saint Lucia, dating back to the thirteenth century, the church of Santa Maria della Neve, and the church of San Pietro, probably dating from the eighteenth century and recently restored, which houses within it a beautiful statue polychrome San Pietro.

The territory of Arzachena offers, in addition to the famous seaside resorts, cultural routes and archaeological interesting: there are in fact several monuments dating back to the Nuraghic period, as the dolmen Albicciu, built at the foot of a granite mountain, the Temple of Malchittu, rectangular with an apse on which were placed the gifts dedicated to the gods, the necropolis of Li Muri and the Tomb of the Giants of Li Lolghi.

Baja Sardinia

The town of Baja Sardinia (Gallura in Cala Battistoni), 4 kilometers west of Porto Cervo, is a renowned tourist resort, famous for the beauty of the landscape. Until a few years ago, in this place there was only a beach called Battistoni, from the name of a major custodian of military fortresses placed on the heights, and a country church surrounded by greenery near the sea. In 1961 Domenico Gentili bought the land on which it stands and transformed the small plot of land overlooking the beach in a beautiful resort. Today in Baja Sardinia are located about ten hotels and other accommodations, such as bed and breakfasts and vacation rentals, and you can find several restaurants that prepare typical dishes of Sardinian and Gallura along with shops selling local products and local handicrafts.

The coast of Baja Sardinia offers, in addition to regular bathing facilities, the opportunity to practice different sports, such as tennis, beach volleyball, windsurfing and sailing; the little ones can enjoy themselves in the water park; Moreover, from the small port of Baja Sardinia depart daily boats that make the tour of the islands of the Maddalena archipelago. In addition to the activities beach, Baja Sardinia is known for its intense social life that day revolves around the lively square overlooking the beach, while at night is headquartered at Ritual nightclub, the most beautiful and evocative of the entire island because situatata inside a ruined castle.

Liscia di Vacca

In the 60s, in the wake of tourism development inaugurated by the Consorzio Costa Smeralda, the territory on which there was the small village of Liscia di Vacca, built around the church of Our Lady of Bonaria, was bought by a group of English aristocrats who It created an elegant tourist village built by Savin Couelle according to the canons of Gallura. Smooth Cow offers various services: there are large parking lots, shops, supermarkets, a well-equipped business center, with restaurants and piano bars that become, during the summer, a meeting point of the tourists on the Costa Smeralda in northern Sardinia .


Palau, whose life revolves around the town docks and moorings of the marina, is another important tourist destination offering villages, hotels, restaurants and shops. Here is the famous promontory of Capo d'Orso, a large granite rock sculpted by the wind from the particular shape, just like a bear that looks at the sea. The coast of Palau offers a wide choice of beaches, each unique in its kind to mention the beach Vena Longa, for its crystal clear sea and the beautiful Mediterranean vegetation that surrounds it, Cala Capra, for its wild beauty and pristine, and other small beaches and coves surrounded by granite rocks that are located in the coastal stretch that goes from the lighthouse of Capo D'Orso to Porto Ulisse.

Poltu Quatu

At the time of its discovery, Poltu Quatu was a fjord of incomparable beauty, with rocks sinking in the emerald sea and granite covered with wild vegetation. As well sheltered from the sea and wind, Poltu Quatu was immediately used as a landing place for boats, and over time has become a village with the typical features of a small fishing village. In addition to the modern Marina, which can accommodate a large number of boats, Poltu Quartu offers accommodation, a diving center, bars and restaurants, clothing stores, and not least the famous local Smaila's making Poltu Quatu one of the centers of life of the Costa Smeralda.


Cannigione is located on the west shore of the Gulf of Arzachena, which has always been the natural harbor; Canniggione still retains the features of the 'old fishing village it once was, before being discovered by international tourism. Cannigione has all the amenities: hotels, campgrounds, restaurants, craft shops and local products, as well as a sailing school. Dall'attrezzato marina are daily ferries to Maddalena and the other islands of the archipelago.


Portisco, a few kilometers from the city of Olbia, is immersed in an amazing area from the point of view of nature and surrounded by the most beautiful beaches of the Costa Smeralda. Thanks to the modern port at its disposal, which can accommodate a large number of boats, is a good starting point to explore the entire coast.