Sports Ground in Sardinia

The internal part of the wildest and offers the opportunity to practice several outdoor sports activities, which allow you to learn more about the area and to enjoy the authentic and hidden Sardinia.

Equestrian tourism in Sardinia

Equestrian tourism can offer a different holiday and represents a particular way to enter in contact with the most authentic part of the landscape, unspoilt and picturesque, and with the local population.

The equestrian center, nearly a hundred, they offer many activities for beginners and itineraries for the most experienced. Most riding schools and clubs are located near the city of Cagliari and Nuoro, but throughout the island are multiplying the farms that offer their customers the opportunity of a trip on horseback. One of the best equipped centers is to Arborea, in the Gulf of Oristano: from here you can follow different routes along the campaign Oristanese among pine forests, ponds, hills, beaches and cliffs. In a few hours of walking we reach the Giara of Gesturi, where live the famous wild horses.

Climbing in Sardinia

The Sardinia, in recent years, becoming one of the regions of Italy and Europe's most beautiful and fascinating to practice the 'sport climbing. Among the most beaten by the climbers there are some areas of Supramonte, the cliffs of the area equipped dell'Iglesiente (Domusnovas), the area of Isili in the province of Cagliari, and the rocks and the sides of the Gulf of Orosei.

Hiking in Sardinia

I areas of Sardinia are among the most intact and unspoiled of Italy, and practice trekking here can enjoy the wild landscapes that are the real attraction of Sardinia differs from that universally known. The routes that may take place in Sardinia are countless, often are the same paths modeled almost daily by the shepherds with their flocks. On foot you can see mouflon, deer, wild boars, foxes, wild horses and rare species of birds like the golden eagle, the griffon vulture and the peregrine falcon.

Supramonte area is far more interesting: here you play the more traditional routes, from panoramic ridges (Cusidore, Monte Albo, Corrasi, Monte Novo), the highlands most deserts (Donanigoro, Campu Su Murdegu), the most inaccessible gorges and deep (Gorroppu). Great interest recover the villages such as Tiscali or nuragici nuraghi scenic and isolated as Nuraghe Mereu, in the territory of Urzulei The territory dell 'Ogliastra, one of the wildest regions of the island, has very beautiful scenery: here you can take the "Wild Blue" a trek along the coast so it takes several days.

Then l 'Iglesiente: ascent to Monte Linas, the highest peak in this part of Sardinia, are interesting and suggestive. Equally striking are the gorges of the Rio ORIDDA and waterfalls de Su muru Mannu. Finally, the SARRABUS, with interesting views on the massive granite peaks of the Seven Brothers, and Barbagia with Gennargentu, walks to the woods and Aritzo Fonni, and evocative excursions to Mount Tonner and Perda Liana.

The CAI, Club Alpino Italian, with sections in Cagliari and Nuoro, always takes care to promote tourism in Sardinia, offering assistance and information, there are also several cooperatives have sprung up in recent years, organizing guided tours.

Caving in Sardinia

The vast heritage of Sardinia speleology includes more than 1500 caves, some really beautiful. The area's most interesting from the point of view speleologico is the region of Supramonte, followed by the area of Capo Caccia and Sulcis - Iglesiente.

In these natural caves, nature has shaped the great columns and thin canule, along with various types of concretions. The most beautiful caves to visit are: the Cave of Helighes Artas, the abyss of Monte Tiscali, and the system "Sa Oche - Su Bentu "Oliena near the cave Issarpes, Su Palu and Suttaterra de Su Predargiu Urzulei to the cave Locoli to Lula and SOS to Dorgali Sirios.

Please note the group speleologico Specus of Cagliari, which is recognized by the Italian Speleological Society and the Federation Speleologica Sarda, which organizes courses and trips in the cave.

Golf Sardinia

Sardinia, with its mild climate and wide open spaces before it, lends itself well to the practice of golf and in fact has a number of plants for many facilities and equipment for the practice of this sport.

Among the fans is well known Pevero Golf Club, behind Cala di Volpe (Costa Smeralda), one of the most beautiful in the world thanks to the beauty of the landscape and the surrounding Mediterranean scrub. Equally important are the Golf Glub Is Molas, near Cagliari, in a Campulongu Villasimius, and those of the Golf Country Bagaglino in Stintino, Puntaldia of San Teodoro and Villaggio Telis Arbatax (Tortoli, Ogliastra).