Sport sea in Sardinia

The reputation of Sardinia, despite the beauty of the Interior, is certainly tied to the sea, its beauty and recreational opportunities it offers. The island is endowed with many centers equipped for marine sports, especially sailing, windsurfing and diving, which can be found in almost all the major tourist centers bathing.

Sailing in Sardinia

Sardinia is a paradise of sailing in the Mediterranean coastline are equipped with several marinas, and the sea, besides offering the pleasure of navigation, can enjoy outstanding natural landscapes.

A Caprera, an island bar by the wind in the northern part of Sardinia, is the Caprera Sailing Center, a sailing school founded in 1967 on the initiative of Lega Navale Italiana, Touring Club and the sponsorship of the Navy. It aims to create, through the practice of sailing, an education and a knowledge of the sea inspired by the traditions of Italian Marineria. With its 2800 students each year, is the largest Italian sailing school.

Diving in Sardinia

The Sardinian coast offer thousands of choices for lovers of scuba diving: the Strait of Bonifacio, the coasts of Gallura and dell'Asinara, Cape hunting Carloforte of Gulf of Orosei and surroundings of the island of Tavolara are some of the most interesting for the practice of this sport.
Many specialized centers, often at sports shops or private clubs, which organize diving and offering assistance and equipment.

Windsurfing in Sardinia

Today, Sardinia is a popular destination for those who love windsurfing, either professional or beginner. The "paradise of the waves" is the area of Oristano, in particular Capu Mannu, where you can find the highest waves of the Mediterranean (3-5 meters), Funtana Meiga, and Chia, venue for the now famous Chia Classic Invitational The Master of the wind in Italy.

Almost all Tourist beaches offer windsurfing boards for rent: there are Bosa Marina, Calagrande Sant'antioco of the island, and the beach of Cagliari Poetto. Just the beach Poetto of Cagliari, in the heart of the Golfo degli Angeli, is home to the Wind Surfing Club, the largest sailing club in Sardinia, and one of the most important club in Italy, born in 1980 thanks to a group of fans sailing and sports, especially windsurfing. The club, which currently has over 600 members card, among other things organizes windsurfing courses for adults and children.

Surf in Sardegna

In recent years, the surf had a big spread in Sardinia, and are born different Surf Club on the island, including those of Cagliari, Pula, Iglesias, Buggerru, Oristano and Sassari.

The seas around the island, beaten in all periods of strong winds, are well placed to surfers, and it would be impossible to list all the areas suitable for surf to be found along the coast.