Welcome to holiday in Sassari

Sassari, located in the center of the vast region northwest of Sardinia, is the second largest city by number of inhabitants and importance. Surrounded by the greenery of olive trees, situated on a long limestone platform that descends gently toward the sea, toward the Gulf of Asinara.

Sassari shows the tourist as an ancient city and modern at the same time, established from the old central district, which winds around the Cathedral of St. Nicholas, and new neighborhoods built starting in 1836, when the city began to expand outside the city walls, which at that time was largely demolished.

The increased attractiveness of Sassari is its old town with its narrow and irregular streets and its ancient and prestigious architectural structures: in addition to the already said St. Nicholas Cathedral, the churches of Santa Maria di Betlem and San Pietro in Silki, the Rosello Fountain, Piazza of Italy and the Palazzo Ducale. In addition to the historic center, are also attractive surroundings of Sassari, which provide places of great archaeological interest and natural beauty.

Finally, significant are its cultural traditions. The holidays are the most interesting of them Faradda Candlesticks, which is celebrated every year on August 14, and the Sardinian Cavalcade, review of island folklore that takes place every year in the Day, the third Sunday in May.