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Holidays in Sardinia

Guide Sardinia is portal to organize your holiday in Sardinia. Tourist information, detailed itineraries and guided tours for tourists who want to discover all the beauties of the region of Sardinia.

With Guide Sardinia you can organize your holidays in Sardinia, choosing from the best accommodation facilities reported on our network: hotels in Sardinia, holiday in Sardinia, bed and breakfast in Sardinia but also restaurants, wine bars and local spend pleasant evenings at ' He teaches fun and taste.

In addition, the portal provides the citizens and tourists a variety of services to stay current on all that this beautiful island: festivals, fairs, events, shows, museums, events and everything you need to spend a holiday in Sardinia fabulous.

Finally, you can watch several photo albums and videos related to the preferred location for your holiday in Sardinia.

History, Art and Culture in Sardinia

Nuraghe Orrioli During your holidays in Sardinia you can discover the origins and culture of the Sardinian people , which brings with it the signs of the different cultures that have lived for centuries along with an identity of its own well-defined.

And to discover the sites ARCHAEOLOGICAL, monuments, churches and historic buildings that still bear witness to the complex and intricate history of Sardinia.

Sardinian traditions: music, food, crafts and festivals

Traditions in Sardinia Those wishing to savor the most authentic Sardinia, during his vacation, can be found in the religious festivals and popular , in the many traditional dishes of Sardinian shepherds or sea, in ' handicraft , with a very special production of handmade carpets, baskets, ceramics and objects in gold filigree.

The city of Cagliari: the Castle district, a party

Cagliari harbor view

Political, economic and cultural as well as the capital of Sardinia, the city of Cagliari offers interesting cultural and natural itineraries.

The beauty of its old town, with its quaint neighborhoods, especially the fortified castle district with the Duomo, the Elephant Tower and ramparts of Saint Remy; Events linked to the folk traditions, such as the Festival of Saint Efisio , the most important religious holiday in Sardinia; archaeological sites such as the Roman Amphitheatre, House Tigellio, the museums of Cagliari .

The city of Sassari

Cathedral of Sassari To the north west of Sardinia, Sassari is the second city by population and the third largest municipality in Italy for territorial extension.

Sassari shows the tourist on holiday in Sardinia as an ancient city and at the same time modern, with its beautiful old town, its narrow streets and its ancient and prestigious architectural structures, together with its impressive traditional celebrations: the "de Faradda Candlesticks them "and" Sarda Ride ".

The other towns of Sardinia

Alghero The towns and villages of Sardinia offer tourists fascinating historic sites, beautiful landscapes and, not least, a food and wine heritage superfine. Each city retains its cultural and gastronomic traditions, thus giving rise to a variety of colors and flavors that is the true wealth of Sardinia.

In addition to Cagliari and Sassari, the most important urban centers of the island are the capitals of the eight provinces in which is divided Sardinia.

The Costa Smeralda - Sardinia sea

The center of Porto Cervo The Costa Smeralda not need any introduction: this stretch of coast, now known throughout the world, offers the one hand the nature of its beautiful beaches and its crystal clear sea, and the other structures of great prestige, that every summer welcome VIPs from around the world who meet in the resort of Porto Cervo, Porto Rotondo, Palau and Baja Sardigna.

Beaches and coasts of Sardinia

Beach Landslide, Argentiera It is no coincidence that Sardinia is now the preferred destination for many tourists: the seaside of the Mediterranean island is among the most transparent that you can see the world, and one of the most renowned for its beautiful beaches and coastline.

Along the coasts of Sardinia you can be found seascapes different but always beautiful, perfect for your holiday in Sardinia: high cliffs, bays wide with long stretches of fine sand, small coves hidden between magnificent cliffs.

The islands of Sardinia


Along the beautiful Sardinian coast you can find numerous islands and islets of varying sizes, sometimes uninhabited, but always of a rare beauty.

Dall 'archipelago of La Maddalena, with the islands of La Maddalena and Caprera, to the islands of Sant'Antioco, San Pietro, Piana and Tavolara, until you get to' Asinara Island, with its characteristic white donkeys. Flora, fauna, beaches, coastlines and more.

Entertainment in Sardinia

Entertainment in Sardinia In addition to the beauties and cultural archologiche, Sardinia offers tourists unspoiled nature that is well suited to the practice of outdoor sports: water sports such as surfing, windsurfing and diving, or land sports, such as hiking , golf or rock climbing.

It also offers elegant and exclusive rooms and spas for a holiday of relaxation and fun.

How to get to Sardinia

Arriving by ferry in Sardinia All information to get in Sardinia: all the airports in Sardinia for those arriving by plane, and all the ports for those arriving by ship, with links to the mainland ports.

Besides the advice to move quickly and conveniently on the island, by car or by other means.