Visit the area around Sassari

Sassari, in addition to an important historical center, offers an interesting monuments, archaeological and natural interest.

Churches and monuments in the outskirts of Sassari

  • Basilica of Saccargia Basilica of the Holy Trinity of Saccargia - Located in the municipality of Codrongianos, is the most famous Romanesque church of Sardinia. It was completed in 1116 on the ruins of a monastery for pre-existing will of Judge Torres Constantine I who gave the church to the monks Camaldolesi, who founded the abbey. Following works were carried out to extend the hand of architects and craftsmen Pisans, which built a new façade added to the convent and the apse and the bell sections alternate dark basalt and white limestone. The portico on the facade, the only example in the Roman churches sarde, was probably added later, when the church was completed, and is attributed to workers Lucchese. The plan of the church is a Latin cross with a single nave ending in a transept in which overlook 2 chapels with vaulted ceilings. In the central one can admire the frescoes of Byzantine influence, which are one of the few examples of pictorial Sardinia two hundred. Monastery of Camaldolesi adjacent to the church today is not that just a few ruins remain.
  • Our Lady of Tergu - The church, built in Romanesque-Pisan style in early 1200, is located not far from Castelsardo, on the way to Nulvi. Its peculiarity lies-in since from the use of red bricks in trachyte alternating with light-colored limestone. Close by are the ruins of a Benedictine convent.

Archaeological sites around Sassari

  • Archaeological site of Monte d'Accoddi - between Sassari and Porto Torres is situated this monumental megalithic building, whose architecture is unique in the Mediterranean basin. The monument, dating from the period of culture San Michele (III millennium BC), has the particular shape of a pyramid steps. Held the sacred building: there were held collective religious rites attended by all the peoples of the area, and that will probably culminate with sacrifices of animals on the top of the building.
  • Megalithic structure of Monte Baranta - A mighty fortress at Olmedo and Monte Ossona, not far from the rock dell'elefante Castelsardo.
  • Grave of a ORIDDA Sennori - Rappreresenta the moment of transition between the dolmen, until the existing culture of Bonnanaro, and the tombs of the giants, the largest funerary monument of nuragici; building is made of megalithic stones (typical of the dolmen) and the stone that closes the front is carved like exedra front of the tombs of the giants.

Sites natural interest in the outskirts of Sassari

  • The area dell'Argentiera - From Palmadula, you go down with a street view of almost the beautiful beach of Porto Palmas, to the picturesque village dell'Argentiera, in the middle of the coast the same name. Climb, descend to the beautiful Cala or Cala dell'Argentiera Onanu, where the 'old mining center: in the valley behind the beach there is a major construction in masonry and wood of mine, one of the monuments of archeology's most important mining Italy.
  • Martis and the Petrified Forest - In the town of Martis, Carrucana location, is a Park Paleobotany that aims to protect the remains of what was once a lush forest, which occupies 100 square kilometers of territory, which for a natural phenomenon of Replacement of lignin with silicon, has become stone. The findings are situated along the bank of the Riu Altana, have significant size, some with holes in the center, others are completely mineralized, all wooden parts have turned into rock, taking the shape of real natural sculptures.