costa sardegna

The west coast of Sardinia

The west coast of Sardinia is from Cape to Cape Spartivento Hunt, near Alghero. Includes the Costa Verde, one of the most fascinating of the whole basin of the Mediterranean, with high dunes Piscinas and Bosa Marina, one of the most recent seaside resorts of Sardinia.

Costa Verde - Piscinas

La Costa Verde, so named for the shrubs and arbutus tree down to the sea, offers one of the most fascinating of all the Mediterranean basin. Opens on the southwestern coast of the island, the territory of Arbus. Here nature offers landscapes are difficult to forget, as a Scivu, a lonely beach, no houses or hotels, and especially Piscinas.

Piscinas Scivu from a nearly ten kilometers of coastline, a corner of the Mediterranean still intact, where you can enjoy a real sea of sand, three thousand hectares of dunes, the highest in Europe, which attract naturalists and enthusiasts from around the world . It looks like a strip of the African desert, and not a case has been dubbed the "Sahara of Italy."

A Piscinas, on the ruins of an old warehouse built on the sea, is built what is called the 'hotel-mining outpost of tourism intelligent and respectful of nature, along with a camping site, which in turn uses the buildings of the old mine.

Bosa Marina

Bosa Marina is one of the most recent seaside resorts of Sardinia, characterized by a large arched beach, sheltered from the fury of the mistral, thanks to the nearby harbor pier that ends with the Aragonese tower dell'Isola Rossa. The coast around Bosa is considered a rare gem of beauty, both in the cliffs that fall to the sea, and for the many inlets of the sea of emerald and turquoise colors.

To find the beaches and inlets along most delicious just the first kilometers of the road from Alghero to Bosa arrives. You are so Cala Managua, a beautiful creek recognizable for the large rock that dominates, and Cala Cumpoltittu, with its fine sand, hidden from view of the road and only accessible by sea.