Sardinian traditional crafts

The 'traditional crafts Sardinian offers a wide variety of products that stand out for their originality and for fidelity to the popular tradition.

Handicrafts in Sardinia is born mainly to meet the daily needs, with the production of goods for domestic use or for work in the countryside. In this process, the art of 'weave baskets, weaving, metalworking and woodworking. Later it develops the production of ornaments with decorative purposes, with the workmanship of gold and corals for the production of jewelry and jewelry, preserved by women and passed down from generation to generation for their value and their sacredness.


Sardinian ceramics are simple and linear, machined on a lathe, baked and glazed in natural colors. They are mainly everyday objects such as vases, plates and jugs.

The most valuable ceramics can be found in the laboratories of Assemini, Oristano, Siniscola, Dorgali, Olbia, Cagliari and Sassari; depending on the areas we find paint and different colors.


The jewelry is one of the most authentic testimonies craft island. Still widespread Processing traditional jewelry in gold filigree and coral: earrings, necklaces, brooches and buttons used by women for parties and weddings.

The jewel is definitely the most typical Sardinian wedding ring, flat and decorated by drops of gold or silver. The jewels are the best ones of Alghero and Bosa.


Weaving occupies a prominent place in the craft sector in Sardinia. The fabrics products are manufactured with vertical frames (typical of the Barbagia) or horizontal (common throughout the island). The choice of products fabrics to the frame is very wide: wool carpets, blankets and towels linen, wall hangings, tablecloths and fabrics for furniture.


The production of baskets, born from the need of containers for collection and for home decorating, varies from one end of the island on the basis of local raw materials. They are baskets of wheat straw woven raffia, palm dwarf, asphodel, wicker. Much sought after are the baskets of Castelsardo.


Other Sardinian traditional artisan sector is the processing of metals, in particular the production of knives, diversified according to the place. Among all stands out for notoriety is knife of Gavoi, Dorgali, Desulo and Pattada: sa pattadese with its leaf blade.

Typical are also the candlesticks, lamps, headboards for bed and fireplace accessories. Famous is also the wrought iron, which produce a wide range of objects.


Woodworking creates original products and typically Sardinian, as the Sardinian chest, especially made ??in chestnut, but also in walnut and oak, the straw chair of Assemini, whose clear wood is decorated by the red and green colors of the pomegranate, and bisere of Mamu, ie the traditional masks of Mamoiada and Ottana, used for the carnival.

Other typical objects are the platters, used to serve suckling pig and roast lamb, the scoops, the forks and other utensils for the kitchen, the briar pipes or heather.