fregola sarda

Dining in Cagliari

The kitchen is full of Cagliari Genoese and Catalan influences, and is based on raw materials made available by nature, consists primarily dall'immensa resource from the sea.

Typical Sardinian sea are fregula cun cocciula, the fregola (a kind of big cus cus) with clams, and cocciula and cozzas a schiscionera, clams and mussels cooked in a pan with garlic, olive oil and sprinkle with parsley and bread crumbs. Other seafood dishes are cassola know, a succulent fish soup, the roe, mullet roe, tuna or mullet salted, pressed and dried, served in thin slices and seasoned with olive oil or grated as a condiment, to the lobster campidanese, boiled and seasoned with olive oil and lemon juice, sa burrida, catfish boiled in tomato sauce and vinegar, or sour sauce with parsley and nuts, and scabbecciu, fried fish and seasoned with sweet and sour sauce.

In addition to seafood, the kitchen offers a variety of Sardinian pasta dishes, as u s mazzamurru, based on stale bread and tomato sauce, and the famous malloreddus typical semolina dumplings flavored with saffron and vegetables, almost always dressed to campidanese with tomato sauce, grated pecorino Sardo and sausage into small pieces. Other first courses are the typical impanadas, trousers stuffed with meat and vegetables, the angiulottus (or culingiones), ravioli stuffed with ricotta cheese and vegetables or meat, and succu, a soup flavored by saffron semolina.

The second meat are mostly related to traditions, like the lamb roast or stew, seasoned with a sauce made of chopped dried tomatoes, garlic and olive oil on Porceddu, the pig roast, and the kid.

The desserts are the best known pardulas, cakes made of cheese, and candelaus, sweets made from sheets of pasta almond flavored all'arancia, the seadas, sweet fried ravioli covered with honey, and pabassinas, cakes made of raisins . Famous Wines of Cagliari and its region are Nuragus the Nasco, Malvasia, the Turned, the Monica and Muscat.