Welcome to holiday in Cagliari

The city of Cagliari, which stands at the center of the Bay of Angels, is the capital and center of political, economic and cultural heart of Sardinia.

The origins of the city of Cagliari go back to the Phoenicians, but its greatest development came under Carthaginian rule and became an important maritime trading center thanks to its natural outlet to the sea. In Roman times was a long period of prosperity that accompanied even the urban development, and continued its development during the Pisana. At this period dates the citadel fortified castle, heart of city life and center of power, and the formation of new districts of Marina, and Stampace Villanova.

With the passage of Sardinia to Spain, the town went through a period of decadence continued with the arrival on the island of Savoy in 1720, the domain that ended with the unification of Italy. During the Second World War was target of allied bombing that resulted in the destruction of many buildings and churches.

Cagliari is now a vibrant and vital city during the day, the bustle is continuous in front of shops or cafes where people meet to talk. Cagliari but is also a city Tourism provides a transparent and crystal clear sea, with a beach of the most beautiful of all the Mediterranean and an uncontaminated nature made of natural lagoons and unique oasis in Europe. Offers secular feasts and festivals, museums and monuments, restaurants offering traditional dishes, craft shops and antique shops.