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Archipelago of La Maddalena

The Archipelago of Maddalena is one of the last ecological paradises Italy. Located off the Costa Smeralda and is composed of about sixty islands and islets. Since 1996, he became a National Park.

The main islands are La Maddalena, the largest of the archipelago, Caprera and known for being the place where he finished his Giuseppe Garibaldi days. The smaller islands are Spargi, Razzoli, Budelli, Santo Stefano and Santa Maria, virtually uninhabited and accessible only by small boats.

The largest islands are surrounded by small islands among which Corcelli, Barrettini and Spargiotto. The islets of Giardinelli and Church are satellites of La Maddalena, the islet of Fear, also known as islet Rome is close to Santo Stefano, the island of Porco, Sheep Island, the islands of the Italians and the monks surround Caprera.

Coastline, rocks eroded by wind and Mediterranean characterize these islands. With the exception of La Maddalena, the archipelago has an unspoilt and beautiful beaches and colorful surreal.

Moreover, the limited presence of human settlements has made it possible to maintain throughout The archipelago is a particular ecosystem, which ensured the preservation of plant and animal species. This island has become the preferred stage for many species of migratory birds so that their protection is one of the institutional objectives of the Park.

The depths, coveted by fans of diving, testified that since ancient times these islands were a place of encounter between civilization and commerce. Are many artefacts found submerged the document, such as the Roman ship of Spargi, sunk around 110 BC. and its precious cargo of amphorae partially recovered.

Maddalena Island

La Maddalena is the largest island of the archipelago. The only settlement is the town of La Maddalena, considered one of the most beautiful in Sardinia so that they deserved in the past nickname of "little Paris".

Naturalistic point of the island chain has a low hill whose highest peak, the Colle Old Guard, is only 146 meters in height. Its coastline is very rugged and create many small beaches, such as beaches Spalmatore from fine sand and clear, the beach and Porto Massimo Monti d'Arena, all with services and connected to town by bus. More isolated are the small beach and protect the beach head Octopus, sand and crystal clear especially suitable for diving.

A scenic road, long a little over 20 kilometers, makes the tour of the island by tapping all the points of greatest interest to tourists and nature, and allows visitors to enjoy magnificent views embrace the nearby islands of up to Corsica.

Very diverse wildlife that populates the area, represented mainly by birds in some very rare cases such as the greater berta, berta the child, the bird of storms and the Audouin's gull. The flora is well represented by the Mediterranean to make it to the lady.

Isola di Caprera

The island of Caprera is the second largest island of the archipelago Maddalena connected the island of La Maddalena Ponte step of the coin, along 600 m.

Nature of granite and lush flora consists of pine forests of oaks, ginepreti and Mediterranean, has beautiful coastlines with sandy bays alternate from slopes overlooking the sea.

The water color is a green crystal, thanks to intense currents that clean the sea by the particles in suspension and numerous white sand that highlight the shades. Who likes to walk can tackle stairs leading to the summit of Mount Trelaione, the highest peak on the island with its 212 meters. The few inhabitants live mainly present in the fraction of Stagnali.

The island is known for having been, for over twenty years, the last residence of Giuseppe Garibaldi. The places where Garibaldi lived is now the Compendium Garibaldi, a small museum that covers the entire residential complex, a stable, refurbishment of the boats and the premises of the famous White House, where the relics are kept dell'epopea Garibaldina: guns, flags, portraits, clothing (including the famous red shirt ). On the island you can see the tomb of Garibaldi, in the rough granite.

Other islands of the Maddalena

  • Santo stefano: this small island is located halfway between Palau and the Maddalena and isolation can be reached by boats that depart from the port of La Maddalena. Top mole stands the fortress of St. Stephen or St. George, also known as a strong Napoleon, built at the end of the eighteenth century.
  • Spread: uninhabited, with its clear waters and its white-sand beaches, is a classic destination for swimmers and for those who want devote himself to dive.
  • Budelli: beautiful island, wild and uninhabited, is famous for the peculiar Rosa Beach, from the particular chromatic effect which inspired the film director Michelangelo Antonioni's film Red Desert. The beach is protected by Rosa Park, which prohibits the passage el'ormeggio, to preserve the coral fragments that give this beach its color characteristics.
  • Razzoli between the islands of the archipelago is the closest to Corsica and form, with the islands of Budelli and Santa Maria, the lagoon of Porto Madonna. The island of pink granite, is uninhabited, and is home to numerous species of birds, gulls real flounder sarde, cormorants and shearwaters more who have found in Razzoli ideal for nesting. Its coastline form numerous creeks, like Cala Lunga, the only accessible from the ground, and hauls of the Dead, the Calaccia of Rosario, dell'Acqua and Bue Marino.
  • Santa Maria: the narrow pass of the divide donkeys from the nearby island of Razzoli, el'ancor closer Pass strangled from the divide The outlet, the northernmost point in Sardinia. Beautiful beaches, especially Cala Santa Maria, a long beach from the waters, and Cala di Fosso.

Arcipelago della Maddalena