Isola Piana

L 'isola part of Plains' Arcipelago delSulcis all the islands of St. Peter, S., del Toro, the Cow and Calf.

The history of this island is deeply tied to the trap that comes from ancient times down to the sea in its vicinity. In the past, the tuna was caught using a system of networks attached to the seabed and then was taken to a village in Nearby seasonally inhabited by fishermen, to be worked. The plant in the sea and the village is still called "Tonnara. In 1964 the activity of the tuna "Isola Piana" finally stopped and the village was abandoned until 1975, when it was initiated the restoration work to restore the buildings but keeping the original structure and character of the old Tonnara. Even today, every year in early May is dropped into the sea and the tuna until the end of June you can attend the "slaughter".

This island is the only residence Villamarina, where once lived the Marquis of Villamarina, owners of the island: from this residence have been built about 160 small and medium-sized housing. Several years ago, condominiums bought the island, making it private and to be able access the island you need to look at the port administration. To arrive on the ports are closer Portoscuso (costa sarda), Port of Calasetta (S. Island, connected to Sardinia by a thin isthmus) and the port of Carloforte (Isola di San Pietro).

The sea around the Plains is extraordinarily clear and particularly suited to water sports, sailing and fishing. The Island is also a Piana between nature reserves and protected species outstanding for the beauty and importance Falco Della Regina, also known as hawk eleonorae in honor of Eleanor of Arborea, and the gull Reale.