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The beaches of the Costa Smeralda

The Costa Smeralda, in addition to the prestigious facilities, offers several beach of great beauty, some comfortably equipped, and others are pristine.

Cala di Volpe

Cala di Volpe is a large inlet, which includes four beaches among the most beautiful bays of the Costa Smeralda, rich in vegetation and lapped by an emerald sea. Cala di Volpe has a small marina, located between the beach and Race du Junco Capriccioli beach, opposite the beach is also l 'Hotel Cala di Volpe, the famous luxury hotel designed by Jacques Couelle as an ancient village fishermen.

Beach Capriccioli

Including the National Park Archipelago of Maddalena, and located a few km from Arzachena, beach capricious is characterized by a line of granite rocks which split into two expanse of fine white sand. The beauty of the beaches and Mediterranean scrub that grows behind him, and that is easily accessible and the presence of a large parking lot, makes Capriccioli one of the favorite destinations for families.

Bay Romazzino and Small Romazzino

Over Liccia Port and Punta Capaccia that limits it to the south, open the large bay of Romazzino with a beach of fine sand washed by clear waters, a few meters from the beach stands the hotel namesake, one of the most beautiful and picturesque Costa Smeralda, surrounded by green Mediterranean. A little further south, at dell'insenatura Mon Imbarcatoio, there are the beautiful beaches of Little Romazzino, surrounded by green hills.

Beach Poltu them to the beach or Cogghj Prince

The beach of Poltu Cogghj of them, also the beach of the Prince for an alleged preference of Prince Aga Khan for this corner of the sea, is perhaps the most beautiful of the Costa Smeralda. Its beauty is given by two wings of fine sand, separated by a rocky promontory rose covered with vegetation. The water is clear and reflects the brilliance of the fragments of granite which forming the backdrop.

Cala Ruja Smooth and Petra Ruja

The beach of Cala Liscia Ruja, also called "Long Beach" due to its length, is one of the most beautiful beaches of Sardinia because of its exceptional natural features: an arc of fine sand and pink over 500 meters long, enclosing a bay from clear water, surrounded by dense scrub and a strawberry tree cistus of flat back, with thick bushes juniper that go almost to the sea. The creeks there are uninterrupted, one after another, marked by clumps of juniper and fragrant white lilies.

It is a singular phenomenon in Smooth Ruia as the nearby beach of Petra Ruia, less known but undeniable charm, the reddish color of the sand in bagnasciuga determined from the storage (by the ocean) of minute particles of granite sfaldatesi coastal or from shells and shells.

Cala Razza di Giunco

The five beaches that are opened in the Cala Razza di Giunco are quite different between them, even though together the beautiful blue sea that washes; feature the presence next to the second and third set, small ponds behind framed by marsh plants and surrounded by thick Mediterranean scrub. The beaches of Cala Razza di Giunco beaches are just popular because it does not easily accessible by land and rather far from the main landing on the coast, and are the most beautiful Cala Suaredda, the most northern, and the Rena Bianca beach, the southernmost, which unlike the other belongs to the territory of Olbia and is easily accessible because the road nearby.

Beach Pevero

Beach Pevero Pevero or Piccolo (separate from the broader Pevero the Great), 3 km from Porto Cervo, is an expanse of fine white sand, lapped by clear waters and framed by lush Mediterranean scrub. The beach, where you can enjoy the sight of beautiful islands Li Nibani, is characterized by a low depth that makes it particularly suitable for families with children. Pevero beach has parking, snack bar, and You can rent beach chairs, loungers and parasols as well as personal watercraft, canoes and paddleboats.